Lee DeForest Amateur Radio Club

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Club Officers

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Secretary: Walt Campion W6WHC [email protected]
A loving guy and willing to do anything for the club. Walt loves what  he is doing and doing a great job at that.
 Repeater Trustee: Bart Doering N7OD  [email protected]
Facility Development Director at Riverside Community College. We all thank Bart for his contribution towards the Repeater
Director: Lyle Delano, W9MCA [email protected]
What a guy and a great ham operator at that. He jumps in when needed. You can always count on Lyle to step up when needed
Director: Dave Livesay KJ6FX  [email protected]
I am the emergency coordinator of the Hemet RACES and excited to be on the board of directors for the year of 2017

Director: Steve Wolfe KD8KJS [email protected]

I enjoy working with ham equipment and I like the added experience of learning more about electronics, antennas, and meeting and making new friends with other hams. I've known and wanted to be involved in ham radio all my life. It's a joy being on the board of directors in 2017. Steve is also the net coordinator who does and excellent job. This guy is jack of all trades and can't forget he is our donuts and coffee man at the meetings

Director:  Loel Gervais KK6MQZ [email protected]
I've got my tech license in June 2014,  I've been on the board of directors for 2016 and now 2017.  I have met so many neat people through the Club! I enjoy ballroom dancing  and  am also involved in Flag and Dance ministries at my church. I'm please to be on the board

  Thank you and God Bless!     
Director: Foy Pulliam KK6UM

Foy has Kindly taken over Director position that was held by Dan Copeland who had to resign due to illness. We know that Foy will be an access to the club. And we wish Dan the best. Thank you Foy your a great member of the club

VE Testing: Bob Brown KE6JGM  [email protected]
Bob has been giving tests for new and old alike for their tickets. Thank you Bob for a great job
Web Master:Jan Pettit: KK6ABZ  jankkk6abz@aol.com I'm very proud to be your webmaster. Don't hesitate to email me any questions you have any questions Assistant Web Master: Tricia Carelli: KB1ZPV