Lee de Forest Amateur Radio Club

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We are The Lee de Forest Amateur Radio Club

Lee de Forest was an early radio pioneer.  He invented many things but is famous for inventing the triode radio tube.

Join us at a club meeting, all are welcome. Come meet some great people and get to know what Ham Radio is all about. Meetings are every 3rd Wednesday at 6:30 PM (1830)  
(Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, We are not meeting in person at this time)


***  Club Dues  ***

Regular Club Dues (Annual Membership):

Annual Dues Individual:  $25.00,  Family (2 or more living in same residence):  $35.00

1 year:   Regular Members $25.00  - or - Family (2 or more living in same residence):  $35.00

2 years: Regular Members $40.00  - or - Family (2 or more living in same residence):  $60.00

Make checks payable to:  Lee DeForest Amateur Radio Club

                                             P.O. Box 491

                                            San Jacinto, CA 92581



Current Meeting Location:

Our meeting location is in the Ramona Room,

Directly behind the Miller Jones Chapel, at 1501 West Florida. Please park toward the rear of the lot so as to not affect any other function that may be going on.

Interested in becoming a Ham? 

Take a test to Get Your License.

Our next testing session will be on March 20, 2021, at 9:00 AM.  The location is 41352 Merriwood Dr., Hemet.  Click on the map link below for directions.

ARRL Learning Center

An excellent way to learn how things work. You must be a 

ARRL member to use this very handy site

Click anywhere on the Solar Terrestrial Data and it will bring up a menu. Click on glossary for a complete explanation of all of the abbreviations.

(c) 2018 LDARC                                     We are organized as a 501 c(4) non profit corporation.