Field Day 2020 Simpson Park Field Day 2020 Simpson Park Field Day Radio Gear in fied Steve Wolfe new power portable Generator. 206130571 Field Day Steve Wolfe Vertical Antenna in field. 206130572 Field Day Steve Wolfe Looking over radio set up and his field antenna. Ant, is 40 foot Dipole 6-75 MHZ connected with 750 Ohm Ladder line. The guy in the gray shit is John Gamble Visited with his wife Michelle 206130573 Field Day Jim Kirkes Supper Antenna. 206130574 Filed Day Jim Kirkes Left Front Bill Stewart wearing baseball cap red and white, Bob Brown in the back, Jerry sears Back left and the guy in the gray shirt guest Ham. 206130575 Field Day Bill Steward Talking to Steve Wolfe and others. Very nice weather. 206130576 Fieldd Day Bill Stewart and Jerry Sears 206130577