Lee DeForest Amateur Radio Club

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Club Officers

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President:Bill Romine K6SSI  [email protected]
Licensed in 2011, appointed to the Lee Deforest Board of Directors in 2012 and been our President since 2013. Bill is the man when you need to get a job done or ask anything, and he will be there for you.

Vice President: David Wilson WA6SU b[email protected]

Loves radio and electronics since he was a boy.  Dave worked for a few radio companies over the years. Went to sea as a telegraph officer for 11 years. Likes to build gear and be useful. Dave has a great mind and is truly an intellect.

Secretary: Jan Pettit KK6ABZ [email protected]
Love being a ham radio operator and part of the club since 2012. I hope to bring enjoyment to the club in 2018.

Treasurer: Linda Cancil KK6MQT [email protected]
Linda is into her 2nd year as our Treasurer for the club and she.brings us much knowledge

 Repeater Trustee: Bart Doering N7OD 
Facility Development Director at Riverside Community College. We all thank Bart for his contribution towards the Repeater.
Director:  Loel Gervais KK6MQZ  [email protected]
Loel loves being on the board. She was elected in 2017 and now 2018

Director: Dave Livesay KJ6JFX 
We are pleased to have Dave as a director in 2018. He is a very important member of the club. He owns a special event medical service called, Southwesm EMS. He has many other hobbies such as bee's and Honey. If you want fresh honey, he is the one to see.
Director: Foy Pulliam KK6UM

Foy took over the director position during 2017 and was reelected again for 2018. Thanks Foy for being there again in 2018.

Director and Net Manager: Steve Wolfe AI6ZW [email protected]

Steve enjoys working with ham equipment and likes the added experience of learning more about electronics, antennas, and meeting and making new friends with other hams.  It's a joy being on the board of directors in 2017 and looking forward to 2018. Steve is also our net coordinator who does a excellent job.

VE Testing: Bob Brown KE6JGM  [email protected]
Bob has been giving tests for new and old alike for their ham radio licenses. Thank you Bob for a great job!
Web Master:Jan Pettit: KK6ABZ  jankkk6abz@aol.com  I'm very proud to be your webmaster. Don't hesitate to email me any questions have you may have regarding the website.
Web Master Assistant: Tricia Carelli KB1ZPV [email protected]

Database Manager: Hyatt Baker KK6QPU [email protected]
Hyatt is a new addition to the club in 2016. In 2017 he became our database manage and does a heck of a good job.He keeps up all the members information and data.