Lee de Forest Amateur Radio Club

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This is where I will post the latest updates to this page

2/6/2021:  I started by adding myself as a Director and as the club Webmaster. There is a button on the Home page, that links directly to my email. Please let me know if there are corrections to make.

There were a couple typo's that I corrected. I re-arranged some items to make things flow better.

Corrected the date for VE Testing, Corrected times for The Elmer Hour net, Updated the Weekly Net Schedule, 

I added a Club Dues and Club Meeting paragraph, added an announcement page.

Corrected and added some calendar items.

Added this page so folks can see what I have been updating. That's all for now.

2/8/2021:  I edited the home page a bit, moving the button for the membership / renewal application to that paragraph. Also updated the application form to reflect the changes in dues amounts due to CoronaVirus.

2/21/2021:  Made some small ergonomic changes: added a "Contact Us" page and put our address there, changes the Badge application to a button to make that section all the same.

3/21/2021:  Added a button and link to a pdf file "What to bring to an exam"

4/1/2021:  Rearranged the Club Officers and Board Members page, made some cosmetic changes.

4/19/2021: Added button to Radio Info and Links page "Find Your Grid Square."